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Utica on the Map
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Monday, January 17, 2011

"re-Utica": Is It Just a Nice Idea?

Below is a link to a short film called "reUtica" by local filmmaker Matt Ossowski and his brother John Ossowski. Both are Utica natives. The film looks at how Portland, Oregon, where John now lives, has used its own resources, in part via sustainablity and reuse, to improve quality of life and make it a city people want to visit. The film indicates how Utica could employ similar techniques.

The film is only 22 minutes. Comments are welcome.


1 comment:

  1. There are so many good ideas for Utica but sadly "Utica" itself is not the problem. Its the people in it. I have also lived here all my life and have watched it deteriorate. There are too many people here that do not take pride in their community. The ones that do take pride are exhausted at always cleaning up the ruins caused by others. Sigh.

    Honestly, I don't think Utica will improve. Not with the mass of people who live here who have no respect for Utica, let alone themselves.

    Sadly, I will be moving away in the next year or two. I tried to make the best of it but am burnt out. Sometimes you have to accept that its time to move on.