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Utica on the Map
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Peter's For Lunch

I've been sick with a chest cold for about five weeks this winter. My friend, Marieke, just told me so has everyone else. Once again, I'm reminded I'm not special.

In any case, we get a lot of colds in Utica. And one of the places that always makes me feel better is Peter's Cornucopia, our health food market and restaurant in New Hartford. So off I went by myself for lunch today. Bean and escarole soup with half a roast beef sandwich (because I needed red meat, I told myself).

I also purchased a bottle of ginger beer and some figs.

More about Peter's later. I need to research its beginnings, its owner, etc.

If anyone has some info along those lines, or happy Cornucopia experiences, please comment!


  1. You are special (From MK). Peter's has a way of making me feel present-centered. There is an unbelievable aroma in this store. It's delicious. No one should ever have to justify being a patron of this store.

  2. I had a great lunch there last week with a friend. Hungarian Mushroom soup was hot and yummy along with a Turkey Reuben on Heidleberg bread. Will return soon.

  3. I have had lunch there a few times. I liked it. I love their soups. I like their bulk section. I love garlic sesame sticks.

    The prices are a bit high but most of their products are organic/healthy. Many of the products are from independent businesses as well. So, you can justify the price.