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Utica on the Map
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Are Bald Eagles in Syracuse a Good Thing?

According to a post on Syracuse.com, bald eagles have been appearing for the past three years on the shores of Onondaga Lake (once one of the most polluted bodies of water in the world) and within yards of the Carousel Center in Syracuse.

"The Carousel Center site was the epitome of an environmental mess, once home to the Marley Scrap Yard and Oil City (over 100 petroleum storage tanks within a four-block area). To have eagles roosting here during the winter months is something we should all be proud of. What a testament to environmental stewardship! I can’t think of any other urban setting that can boast of having bald eagles soaring within its borders."

The question, or the problem, is: What HASN'T changed.

Apparently, "the cleanup of the toxics in Onondaga Lake has yet to begin, and even when the dredging happens, they're only taking out the first two feet of sediment from the worst-polluted 15% of the lake. The fish the eagles are eating contain high levels of PCBs and mercury."
A lot of responses to this blog post object strongly to the idea that the bald eagles are a sign of ecological hope. And many say that the eagles are only here because, like us, they have nowhere else to go. Every place is polluted with chemicals and waste.

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