Utica on the Map

Utica on the Map
Smack in the Center

Friday, March 30, 2012

Walking Behind the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Cruises Sangertown Square, New Hartford  

Apparently, he needed a little break from a hard day posing with kids---or Not (see left).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Upstate Writers: Phil Memmer Reads at The Other Side

William Welsh announcing the Reading
Phil Memmer Reading from his new book

The Other Side, the non profit creation of Kim & Oren Domenico of Domenicos, a venue for music, lectures, discussions and other events, has now started a reading series to showcase Central New York writers. Domenicos also sponsors a new literary magazine, "Doubly Mad."

Tonight Phil Memmer, poet, writer and Director of the Downtown Writers Center in Syracuse, read from his powerful new book of poems, The Storehouses of the Snow.  These new poems were written, according to Mr. Memmer, in a burst of creativity he had never experienced before, and in the form of "psalms, parables and dreams." 

Mr. Memmer chose to read from this book and two of his other books. His poems are accessible and often funny without losing any of their complexity and irony. A few of them appear in the latest issue of "Doubly Mad."

P.S. Yrs truly will also have a poem titled "My Own Country" in the June issue of Doubly Mad. Pick up copies at Domenicos the next time you get a cup of coffee.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Repost: Spring

The days portrayed in this wonderful photograph, which captures an Upstate spring perfectly, in which you can almost see the buds on the trees, the wind moving the clouds across a new blue sky and the sun-dappled fields--those days are coming. Spring is coming.

Thank you Patrick Yasu Huther, via a friend on Facebook.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meanwhile, back at My Broken Down Upstate City, the blogger is not dead, merely discouraged. Does anyone give a damn about Utica? Or Central New York?

Let me quote:

If the land has a secret it is
that is has no secret.
Everywhere I see the uneven
and careless gardens,
crooked porches, abandoned cars
and washers, faded signs.
In the diners the talk turns
from the rain to cancer,
from cancer to the lotto.

The eyes look calmly,
tiredly out of the heads.

from "My Own Country" by Cindy Day 

That's the trick--NOT to get discouraged. Utica can be a discouraging place, depressed, behind the times, stuck. But I wanted to blog about where I live, good and bad. I wanted to celebrate the details of daily life here. Especially the people. The people and the food and the architecture and the landscape. So onward and upward! The one thing I may have learned about blogging is that you can't stop. Blogs prosper by staying current.