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Utica on the Map
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ABC/Good Morning America Loves Us

You can talk about Fate or you can talk about Facts in the course of a lifetime. I ended up spending my life in the Utica area largely because of the fact that housing was affordable for a single mother. I suppose the fate that brought me here was my first husband, a native Utican.

The fact remains that housing in Utica, compared to the rest of the country, especially either coast, is not only affordable; if you have any real money you can buy a palace for $400,000.

Or as ABC news put it when they voted Utica #1 for affordable housing: "You can get a house in Utica for about two years' worth of wages. The median home price is $104,000, which means half of houses cost more than that, and half cost less."

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  1. Affordable housing but what do these young people do for jobs?