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Utica on the Map
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here Beginnith The Complaint Department

Gayle Elen Harvey says:
Good to see this (the blog).  Have been part of our Neighborhood Watch for years, my daily part being to pick up the trash on our street, especially, and on the streets I walk on, in general.  Trash/litter has been a big concern for me and most of my buddies. Major streets are deplorable but the Cornhill area is an obscenity, ESP between Oneida St. and Mohawk. I wont eat at any of the fast-food places, ESP MacDonalds' because of their cups, paper wrappers, et. al, all over the streets.  2 or years ago, someone proposed a "trash"tax on fast-food eateries because of the growing litter problem.  Never heard about it again.  I also contacted the councilman who, on public access, responding to a litter complaint, said he saw No Problem.   I invited him to drive over James St., between Oneida and Mohawk and look up and down each of the side streets.  Never heard back.

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  1. It's these quality of life issues that make or break a neighborhood and a city. What's the solution? Ideas, anyone?