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Utica on the Map
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Upstate Artists, Writers & Musicians

If you know an Upstate professional writer, musician, actor, or visual artist, post the name and discipline to our blog and we will add them to our list. Eventually, we can try to post their news and/or events.

 In no particular order, past or present, famous or not as famous:

  • Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet
  • James Fenimore Cooper, novelist
  • James Agee (resided in Clinton off and on), poet and writer
  • Hayden Carruth, poet and writer
  • Philip Booth, poet
  • Sal Amico, jazz musician
  • Naomi Guttman, poet
  • Gayle Elen Harvey, poet
  • Eileen Moeller, poet
  • Michael Burkard, poet
  • Monk Rowe, musician
  • John & Mary Loy, painters
  • Edward Christiana, painter
  • Mary Karr, writer
  • James Wells, poet
  • Phil Memmer, poet and director of Downtown Writers' Center, Syracuse
  • Edmund Wilson, writer and critic
  • Herman Melville, novelist
  • Vinny Amico, musician, in rock band, Moe
  • Ann Carey, singer and actor
  • Lou Getty, sculptor
  • Sunithi Bajekal, artist and writer
  • J.R. Monterose, musician
  • Rick Montalbano, musician 
  • Agha Shahid Ali, poet
  • Ezra Pound, poet, student at Hamilton College
  • Michael Brian Dunn, actor and singer
  • Mark Danner, author and journalist 
  • Jane Springer, poet


  1. Mark Danner Author Journalist
    Michael Brian Dunn Actor Singer

  2. Jerome Witkin, painter; Richard Bonelli, Metropolitan Opera baritone; Eliot Fisk, classical guitarist; Mark Murphy, jazz singer