Utica on the Map

Utica on the Map
Smack in the Center

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life in Utica Contest Winner (and only entry so far)

Claire Husted says:

Despite wanting to leave Utica as soon as I graduated from high school, I have many fond memories from my childhood. My mom and dad had season tickets every year at the Stanley Theater. Every now and then, they would invite one of their five children to go to a performance. As an adult, I have often wondered how they did that when they only had two season tickets? I really have no idea but once in awhile I got to go. I fell in love with classical guitar and Christopher Parkening at the Stanley. The music transported me to a different place. I felt one with the heavenly host. I heard Bernadette Peters sing.....saw the Nutcracker Suite for the first time. The Stanley Theater was magnificent, even before its renovation....and I haven't gone back to see the renovation! Twenty years later I got to hear Christopher Parkening perform once again...I think it was in Los Angeles....but this time, he transported me back to my early childhood years when I heard him for the first time on the Stanley's stage.

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