Utica on the Map

Utica on the Map
Smack in the Center

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Upstate Architecture: A Genesee Street Gem

If you have seen any pictures of old Utica, particularly looking north or south on Genesee Street, you are aware of what a grand avenue it used to be, lined with tall arching elm trees and residential buildings in a variety of architectural styles. Almost all of those homes are now small businesses or doctors' offices. And the elms were lost to elm disease years ago. Still, I love to imagine how it used to be. If I squint a little, I can see the crowded downtown, trollies, even the carriages, and the families on their porches in the summer. 

Here's a classic I passed on a walk a few days ago; one I had never really noticed. It's been home to various businesses and is currently for sale, if anyone's interested.

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