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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Petit Larceny, or what our citizens are stealing lately:

I've been struck by frequent notices of trivial crimes, but crimes nevertheless, in the Observer-Dispatch. They're called petit larceny, or the stealing of property worth less than $50.

I wonder why these crimes need our attention, or what they say about us? Poverty? Desperation? Boredom? Lack of imagination? Temptation? (There's so much stuff out there just waiting to go on sale.) Cleptomania? At the same time, the absurdity of stealing a jar of oregano has its comic side.

According to the Observer-Dispatch, the following thefts occurred in the last week:

  • A woman told police she first heard noises from her bedroom, and upon checking the room saw Brandon Woods, 18, of Park Avenue, exit through the window holding her purse, police said.

  •  A Utica man was arrested Tuesday for stealing copper pipes and wiring in a home, Utica police said. Allen Dole, 30, was charged by Investigator Salih Rizvanovic with felony second-degree burglary and misdemeanor petit larceny. in connection with a March 24 burglary, police said. Officials said often times, thieves sell copper pipes to recycling centers for cash.

  • At about 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Renee Lyles, 49, of Green Street, was arrested by Officer Joseph Dare after store security witnesses him stealing Tylenol from the Genesee Street store, police said.

  •  A Utica man has been accused of stealing chewing gum and cold medication from a Rite Aid Tuesday afternoon, Utica police said.

  •  Fallon Bell, 24, Neilson Street, has been charged with petit larceny after she allegedly stole several cosmetic items and food seasonings from Hannaford Market, 1122 Mohawk St.

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  1. My favorite was the prostitute caught stealing SHRIMP!