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Utica on the Map
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on Apollo

I hope many of you are familiar with the website Care2, which is a tremendous national resource for healthy living. I just received the following email from Care2 about Apollo, the dog who was left tied up outside in our city in below freezing weather. Sign the petition while you're at it! Here's the link:

Apollo, a 3 year-old pit bull, was tied up outside in Utica, NY overnight in -20 degree weather. The dog was found barely alive, frost bitten, malnourished and unvaccinated.

Unlike in Michigan or Illinois where this crime would be considered a felony and the owner received jail time, New York's District Attorney's office considered Apollo's abuse a violation and ordered Apollo's owner to do 75 hours of community service.

These horrible crimes should not go unpunished. Concerned citizens have put together a petition asking NY officials to create stricter animal abuse laws.»

Below is a message from the petition creator:

"This petition is for an amazing cause which is to help toughen up animal abuse laws in New York. All animals deserve the same rights and protection as humans. Apollo's story will touch your heart and make you want to help bring him, and other animals, protection under the law"

Sign this petition to help Apollo and all animals in NY.»


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